Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food/Exercise Log: 02/12/10 - 02/13/10

Yesterday it snowed, so I left work early to make sure I could get over to Saxon's before I got snowed in at home for the weekend. I thought to bring some food with me, so in the evening (after eating normally all day), I cobbled together assorted veggies and greens in a creamy sauce, served with crackers. It actually ended up being pretty damn tasty.

Our original plans for the evening were ruined by the snow, so I wasn't able to squeeze in a workout like planned. Sex counts though, right?

Today, we've been ridiculously lazy. We talk a brief walk with Kirby in the snow, and that's about it. I've spent the afternoon reading, while Saxon plays his newest videogame. Our laziness is complimentary. I haven't eaten much today - granola and coconut milk for breakfast, crackers for lunch, and an apple as a snack. I'm really not all the hungry, on account that I'm being lazier than usual.

We took a longer walk in the evening, and played in the snow a bit. Well, I huddled in my coat, scarf and hat while Saxon played with Kirby in the snow. It was cold!

Dinner was ridiculously greasy Indian take out. Definitely not my favorite place to get Indian food, but it worked. By stomach was kinda upset by all the oil though. :(

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